IKEA’s 2015 Catalog Launch Is the Perfect Spoof of iPad Ads

IKEA is a mecca for cheap furniture, and one of the great things about the company is that it sells original designs, not just knockoffs. But that doesn’t mean IKEA can’t be reductive when it wants to be. For the launch of its 2015 catalog, IKEA Singapore created an iPad parody ad that flaunts the features of a groundbreaking device: the bookbook.

Much like the noPhone, a bookbook doesn’t need to be recharged and is totally cordless. All content is preinstalled and never needs to be updated, plus the viewing surface is super high definition and can expand to double size.

The spot really nails it because it’s a great parody of Apple marketing while also basically serving as catalog porn that makes you really, really want to flip through an IKEA catalog. And according 9To5Mac commenters, some customers are even getting the 2015 catalog in spoof Apple packaging. Now that’s dedication to a bit.

A bookbook.

Screencap from IKEA Singapore.