88-Year-Old Congressman Denounces Emojis

Rep. John Dingell knows what’s up.

Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Michigan Democrat John Dingell, the longest-serving congressman in history, is all up in Twitter and rocking it. The 88-year-old’s account frequently tweets more than twice a day, and often about memes or other Twitter jokes. For example, when the EPA accidentally tweeted a Kardashian game score, Dingell responded:

Need more proof? He later added:

That is just gold. Dingell is especially lauded for his Sharknado commentary.

And his critical eye doesn’t stop there. During a Twitter conversation between journalists Fritz Klug and Joseph Lichterman (who both have Michigan ties) in which the two debated the merits of communicating using only emojis for an entire day, Dingell appeared out of nowhere to interject:

Granted this comment is deeply troubling to those who love emojis (ahem, me), but it’s pretty awesome that he, or whoever runs his Twitter, is lurking in random conversations on his account’s stream. Take note, people. John Dingell is a model of being hip to Internet haps.