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Cristiano Ronaldo Wants You to Buy This Mouth-Strengthening Gadget

Ronaldo sports his face strengthener, which kind of looks like a hang gliding drone. But isn’t.

Image from MTG.

We’re all kind of over As Seen on TV products, right? You can only get so much comedic mileage out of the Clapper.

But soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is currently endorsing a Japanese face-strengthening product (what?) that is a genuinely hilarious gadget.

“In my everyday training sessions, there is one area of my body that I hadn’t been exercising: my facial muscles. That is, until I discovered PAO,” Ronaldo explains. Though he’s never really shown using the product himself, lots of happy testers in the ad below, cheerfully work out those notoriously tough-to-tone face muscles. Come on, people, it’s beach season!

PAO Facial Fitness, which sort of looks like a drone/sex toy hybrid, is packed with all the technology you need to deal with problem areas on your face. It even has “43 degrees of swing.” As Businessweek points out, Ronaldo seems to be getting in on every endorsement deal he possibly can, so he probably wasn’t too choosy about signing on for PAO. Everyone should be glad he did, though, because otherwise we might not know that a fun facial workout even existed.