A Chrome Extension That Feeds Your Hunger for GIFs

Beautiful GIFs could greet you in every new tab.

Screecap of animatedTabs.

Usually when you make a new tab in your browser, it’s to look at something funny. Sure, maybe sometimes you’re doing research for work, or trying to figure out how to refinance your mortgage, but let’s be honest. You’re mainly searching for things like “otter shakes hand.” As you should.

So why not start the Internet joy even earlier in the process by loading a new GIF every time you open a tab in Chrome? The extension animatedTabs can make this happen for you. It puts a GIF and one-liner in every new tab you open. But this isn’t just old classics like Dawson crying—the extension surfaces quality stuff. TechCrunch suspects that many of the GIFs and their taglines come from reddit’s /r/gifs/.

Keep in mind that these GIFs could be anything, from weird to NSFW, but that’s the beauty of it! Some might say that this extension will make you look unprofessional or even immature, but you and I both know that those people are just jealous of all the GIFs you’re enjoying.