A Summer Rube Goldberg Machine That Sets a Watermelon on Fire

The Rube Goldberg machine dog days of summer.

Image from GoPro.

Summer is hard work. If you want a hotdog first you have to grill it with the sun beating down and the coals flaming up and then transport it to wherever you left the buns and toppings. Plus you have to eat lots of watermelon. It’s a tough life. Luckily GoPro is featuring some alternative approaches from David Kalb that make summer a lot easier, and even incorporate the requisite golfing.

There have certainly been more intense Rube Goldberg machines in the history of the Internet/world, but these have the extra element of starting with trick golf shots, including one off of Kalb’s roof. If lighting a watermelon on fire using a golf ball and a tiki torch can also grill extra hotdogs, then the up-front time investment of setting everything up is totally worth it, right? If you have a free afternoon, a backyard, and some casual/shirtless attire you too can achieve summer domination.