Forget Flying Cars. This Storm Brought Flying Four-Wheelers.

File this under storm damage you’re not going to believe.

Apparently, a four-wheeler crashed into the side of a house in Arkansas.

Closer view:

As crazy as it is, this really happened on Thursday afternoon near Jonesboro, Arkansas. There’s film on the Weather Channel of locals inspecting the scene.

According to the photographer, the four-wheeler was not lodged in the side of the house, but rather suspended by a heavy chain that was normally used to store it in someone’s garage:

On closer inspection, a scooter also ended up on top of the same house. Not a good day for personal mobility in that corner of the state.

The severe storms that caused this have barreled through half of the country today, originating near Denver, Colorado, last night. Early this morning, the Storm Prediction Center upped the risk for severe weather to “moderate,” a designation used only a few times each year.

The storms have formed what the SPC has called a “forward propagating mesoscale convective system,” which will continue through parts of the south this evening, stretching the risk for more damaging winds as far east as Atlanta.