Weather Nerd Finds Love In Computer Models

Making the rounds on the weather nerd corner of the interwebs today is Tuesday morning’s forecast discussion from the National Weather Service office in Juneau, Alaska:

It seems those lonely overnight shifts in the weather forecast lab have finally come to a climax.

This isn’t the first time weather nerds have freestyled what’s normally a boring technical analysis product.

Back during last fall’s government shutdown, the National Weather Service office in Anchorage sent out a protest plea via secret code:

And on Christmas Eve, the Lubbock, Texas, office riffed up some festive poetry even Chaucer might envy:

The characteristic and vestigial all caps style of the National Weather Service has been the object of much ridicule in the past, as Slate’s Matthew Yglesias and Will Oremus tackled during Hurricane Sandy, but in this case, I think it works.