Future Tense

This Invention Will Make Your Horrible Studio Apartment Three Times Bigger (Sort Of)

Attention urban dwellers: Introducing CityHome, quite possibly the greatest technological advancement to enter your life since Seamless. The incredible device—which would best be described as a mechanical closet with some Star Trek flair—will, apparently, make your apartment feel three times bigger than the 200-square-foot, $1,200 per month rat-trap that it really is.

Developed by the Changing Places group within MIT’s Media Lab, CityHome contains a bed, kitchen appliances, a table, closet, and storage compartments tucked neatly within its futuristic box-like frame, all of which reveal themselves in response to your gestures, touch, or voice commands.

Oh, and it has the ability to slide back and forth within your apartment, essentially expanding your walkable floor space as you move. Watch the video above for a demonstration of the robotic space-saver in action.

The best part though? Unlike most inventions and concepts that tickle your sci-fi fantasies, according to lead researcher Kent Larson, the plan is for CityHome to hit the open market and head to an overpriced and overpopulated city near you.

So don’t move to Astoria quite yet, everyone. Help might be on the way.