Honda Salvages April Fools’ Day While Skewering DIY Ridiculousness

April Fools’ Day is the worst. Ninety-nine percent of jokes fall flat, everyone tries too hard, and Twitter manages to take its shark jumping to a new level entirely. There’s an exception to every rule, though, and this year it was Honda that managed to thread the April Fools’ needle with a legitimately funny spoof ad.

Taking aim at the absurdity of the overly self-serious DIY fad, Honda introduces the Honda Handmade Series, the world’s first DIY car. While sitting in what is obviously supposed to be a Brooklyn loft, a millenial couple lays out their “handcrafted movement” credentials—from a homemade yarn collection to an upcoming project involving blown-out amplifier fuses—before pitching the hipster dream car.

“There’s something cool about making it ourselves with our own fingertips. Like, we make homemade Kombucha,” says Vanessa, with her mustachioed boyfriend Caleb looking on lovingly. “That’s what I really love—that Honda takes the idea of handcrafted to the new Fit. What better way to have a personal connection with an object than to just build it piece by piece?”

The ad—which you can watch above—absolutely pillories hipster culture, and as both a millenial and Williamsburg resident, I can safely say that Honda pretty much nailed it. Now, to be fair, whether my enjoyment of the whole thing comes from a place of self-loathing remains to be seen, but what I do know is this: I laugh at the “Espana” line every single time.