Wild Things

Iguana Attempts to Eat a Golf Ball during Puerto Rico Open, Is Not Successful

In the immortal words of Jean-Paul Sartre: “Au revoir, iguana.” The eager reptile in the video above was not dynamited out of its hole by a rogue groundskeeper, but it did let a feisty golf ball get the best of it in front of a large crowd and a television audience. 

The adorable showdown took place on the 16th hole of the Puerto Rico Open yesterday, when the iguana meandered onto the fairway and attempted to eat a ball hit by Andrew Loupe. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the iguana realized it had been duped by an inanimate object and scurried back into the woods. Advantage, golf ball.

Loupe, for what it’s worth, ended up parring the hole and posting a final round score of 69. He finished tied for 12th place. The iguana returned to less stressful activities like eating leaves and sunning itself on a rock, probably.