This Commercial for the New Muppets Movie Nails Internet Commenters

Don’t mess with The Muppets on Twitter.

The Muppets can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes, but this promo for the upcoming Muppets Most Wanted is especially fabulous. It depicts a heated Twitter debate that includes “critics across the Internet” who are livid that the movie wasn’t nominated for hundreds of awards.

Critic @HotFudge1218 tweets, “Muppets shoulda been nominated Best Picture for realz.” Then user @Babybean1128 responds, “It can’t be, it’s not out yet. Your ignrent.” @HotFudge1218 fires back, “Don’t call me igorent. You don’t even know.” And @Babybean1128, showcasing the Internet maturity we all know and love, tweets back, “Good. I don’t even wanna no.” At which point @RICHPLAYA33 chimes in, “I made $2000 bucks just sitting at home. Click this link to find out how.”

The Muppets Most Wanted promotional team seems to be organized and ready because they reserved @HotFudge1218, @Babybean1128, and @RICHPLAYA33.

A hallmark of the Muppets has always been incorporating cultural references and observations about human interaction into the material, and the writers are clearly on top of this whole “Internet” thing mankind has going. Muppets were also “hanging out” in an awesome ad for Google Plus in 2011. Who said Muppets can’t be tech saavy? That’s right, no one.