Future Tense

Play With Legos at Your Desk in Chrome

Lego bricks can take up mental space without occupying physical space if you use Chrome.

Photo from Build with Chrome.

The thing with Lego bricks is that when you step on them, it really hurts. They’re so wonderful, though, that we’ve all just been letting it slide. But suffer no longer! There’s a new Chrome experiment that’s translating the infinite possibilites of Lego to the digital world. There’s even Google Maps integration so we can all collaborate on building a geographically accurate Lego planet.

To keep sharing in the family, the Web app has extensive Google Plus integration so users can show off their creations, save their projects, and earmark other people’s work as favorites using the normal Google login. The Lego Chrome world is also available across all devices, so you can play with it on mobile or a tablet. And the environment is probably the most fun when you can easily pinch and zoom all around your pojects.

Everything is customizable, including type of brick and brick color, and different areas have different options that are fun to explore. It’s a pretty extensive environment, so you’d better stop whatever work you’re doing and put in some serious hours building your own Lego rabbithole.