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Finally, the Perfect Romanian SUV for the Zombie Apocalypse

Ghe-O Rescue
Forget caulking the wagon and floating it. Just ford the river already.

Screenshot / YouTube

It’s a boat! It’s a tank! It’s … the Ghe-O Rescue, an eight-foot-tall, 6,400-pound all-terrain vehicle that makes a Land Rover look like a matchbox toy. And it just might be the perfect ride for the zombie apocalypse.

Ghe-O Motors, a specialty automaker so obscure that it appears to lack an English-language Wikipedia page, has posted a video of its creation that shows it fording a river, scaling a ski slope, and towing a mere mortal all-terrain vehicle through fender-deep snow. Apparently it can also be equipped with accessories to plow snow, fight fires, and haul injured zombie-bite victims on hospital stretchers.


This according to the Ghe-O Motors website, which describes the company as “the place where the pure philosophy about the racing and driving experience are expressed in the best way possible.” Wait, racing? It goes on: “Uninfluenced by strictly commercial or a too fashionable manner, we are free to imagine vehicles that will force your imagination to the edges.”


It’s unclear exactly what the target market is, but at first glance the vehicle seems likely to appeal chiefly to Mad Max, Jeremy Clarkson, and, of course, suburban American soccer moms.

Imagine trying to park next to this thing at your local Williams-Sonoma: