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Will This Tumblr Put an End to the Worst of All Beach Selfies?

Hot dogs or legs?

Hot dogs or legs?

Screenshot / hot-dog-legs.tumblr.com

It’s bad enough when your Facebook and Instagram friends subject you to pictures of their smiling mugs on some idyllic beach while you’re stuck at home browsing your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Far worse, however, is when they choose to rub in their presence at said beach by including in the picture a different set of body parts: their shiny, oily, slowly-roasting-yet-still-strangely-pallid lower appendages. You know the clichéd shot I’m talking about. Now it has a name, and a meme, thanks to one of the most welcome Tumblr feeds of the summer: hot-dog-legs.tumblr.com.

Are the glistening cylindrical objects depicted on the anonymously curated site actually wieners, or are they real legs? It’s not always clear—the images inhabit the uncanny valley between human and hot dog. Therein lies their repulsive power, and the reason that no decent person should ever take a shot like this again. And no, your toes are not an acceptable substitute. They look like Vienna sausages.

(via Anna Almendrala)