Watch Digg Founder Kevin Rose Throw a Raccoon Down a Flight of Stairs

Kevin Rose 1, raccoon 0.

Kevin Rose 1, raccoon 0.

Screenshot / YouTube

A former Eagle Scout, Digg founder and Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose would seem to be the rare techie who is equally handy behind a computer or in a back-alley raccoon fight.

On Sunday, he uploaded a YouTube video that proves it. The clip, which has racked up 2.7 million views, opens with a written disclaimer:

At 1:00am I heard my dog Toaster crying and yelping in pain. I discovered a raccoon attacking him.

I do not encourage animal violence. I wanted to get the wild animal as far away from us as possible. Toaster is ok, but has some claw and bite marks.

The raccoon, on the other hand …