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This Google Street View Image Is a Surrealist Work of Art

Since the project began in 2007, Google Street View has captured everything from (alleged) crimes to (alleged) breakups to (blatant and NSFW) sex acts to Darth Vader on Hollywood Boulevard. But this, which comes courtesy of the @streetviewfunny Twitter feed, might be a first.

Google Street View pigeons

Screenshot / Google Street View

Why are these people wearing bird heads on their heads? Did they just wake up and decide to wear pigeon heads one day? Were they somehow tipped off that the Street View vehicle was on its way? Were they on their way to some obscure Tokyo pigeon festival? If anyone knows, please feel free to post an explanation in the comments. Then again, maybe a scene like this is best left unexplained.

The image comes from a sidewalk near this bus stop in Musashino, near Tokyo. You can explore the scene futher via Google Street View here.