Future Tense

Finally, a Website That Shows You Every Cat Video Posted on Vine

Vine cats


Screenshot / Vinecats.com

I don’t know what the Internet has been doing for the past seven days, but in a nigh-inexplicable lapse, it took from last Thursday all the way to today for someone to launch a website dedicated solely to pulling in all of the cat videos posted by users of Twitter’s new video app, Vine.

Credit goes to photographer and designer Andrew Emond for making Vinecats.com a reality at long last. In an email to me, he was humble about the achievement, noting that he just created the site “for a bit of a laugh.” But as everyone knows, “a bit of a laugh” is in fact the Internet’s highest and noblest purpose, and cat videos its purest expression.

The site comes with a disclaimer alerting visitors that the cat videos are pulled in from Vine automatically in real-time, which means pretty much anything could show up there, up to and including the Internet’s other all-consuming obsession. So be warned: “We take no responsibility for non-cat imagery or videos that are less than purr-fect.”

Now: Gimme more cats!