Bad Astronomy

Time Lapse: Landscapes, Volume 3

If you need a little dose of brain relaxation today, then start this video, make sure it’s high-def, and make it full screen:

This is—you guessed it!—the third in a series of such videos from Dustin Farrell. I suggest you watch the first and second ones as well. They’re really striking. The giant scalloped ice blocks were particularly amazing! The ice was so clear, and the shape so odd and oddly soothing.

Every time I see a video like this, I want to go get a camera and a time lapse dolly and start hitting the road. Then I think about how much work goes into taking the photos, and the heroic amount of post-processing work that has to be done, and how I have several new writing projects I’m working on, and oh yeah I still have to write the blog…and then I sit back and happily watch the work of others.

I’m OK with that.