Bad Astronomy

Keep Your Eyes on the Stars

Still from an animation about astronaut Ron McNair
A still frame from the animated short “Eyes on the Stars” about Challenger astronaut Ron McNair, who was inspired by Star Trek.

Image credit: StoryCorps

Apropos of my most recent post about the loss of Challenger 27 years ago and the need to press on, here is a great animation about Ron McNair, one of the crew of Challenger’s last mission. Watch it all the way through:

Is it dusty in here? Something’s in my eye.

This video was created as part of StoryCorps, a non-profit national oral history project. The recordings are for everyone to share the stories of their lives, and are available for free. 

Ron McNair’s life may have ended far too early, but in his years he did a lot more than most of us do in a lifetime. I hope his story serves as an inspiration for everyone to keep dreaming, and to work toward making those dreams reality.