Facebook Moves to Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes marked his marriage to Sean Eldridge with a status update featuring an icon of two grooms in tuxedos.


Jurisdictions that recognize gay marriage include the Netherlands, Canada, Iowa, New York—and now Facebook.

OK, so the social network can’t give your partner health insurance or jail visitation rights. But it will give lesbian and gay couples a measure of online legitimacy in the form of a new Timeline icon showing either two brides or two grooms.

The change came to public attention with a status update this past weekend from Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. His marriage to Sean Eldridge was marked on his timeline with a photo of the couple and an icon showing a pair of matching tuxedo-clad figures.

Mashable notes that the move follows Facebook’s introduction last year of two relationship statuses geared toward gays: “In a domestic partnership” and “In a civil union.”

Facebookistan may not be a democracy, but at least it offers some civil rights.