Future Tense

New Drone To Help Joggers Keep a Steady Pace

Do you have trouble pacing yourself while running? You could download a speedometer app for your iPhone. Or if gee-whiz is more your speed, hold out for this drone, currently in the works. The idea is that the drone—known as Joggobot—would fly a little bit ahead of you so you can regulate your speed. There are two modes—a rigorous “coach” setting that challenges you to keep up, plus a more casual mode that takes its cue from your pace.

Joggobot is a project of the Exertion Games Lab at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. One of its creators, 22-year-old Chad Toprak, tells the Age that he imagines the bot would be particularly useful for people who like to jog with companions, but can’t find a running buddy on a given day.

Via New Scientist.