Here’s That Hover Car You Always Wanted

Earlier this week Nevada issued the first test license to an autonomous car—Google’s, of course.

But that auto upstart isn’t the only company rethinking the automobile. Volkswagen issued created three concept videos showcasing imaginative new vehicles—one of which feels a little Back to the Future.

As part of its People’s Car Project in China, Volkswagen solicited ideas for out-of-the-box approaches to auto designed and turned three (from about 119,000 submissions) into elaborate concept videos. The most futuristic is the emissions-free hover car, which is shown floating above  electromagnetic roads. With a hover car, no more need to worry about potholes or flat tires. But if we’re going to dream big, shouldn’t it be driverless, too?

The People’s Car Project has been such a success, VW plans to expand it. Here’s hoping the next round of concept videos includes a version of the Homer.