Future Tense

Watch Highlights From Future Tense’s Live Event on Resilience

Last month, Future Tense held an event at the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., on the concept of resilience and how it can be applied to national security, business, the law, and other disparate fields.

Videos of the event, broken down by panel, are now available on New America’s website. But here are a couple that Slate readers will particularly enjoy.

Senior editor Emily Bazelon spoke with University of Baltimore law professor and American Prospect legal affairs editor Garrett Epps about the Constitution—how resilient it is as a document (which would have surprised the Framers, he says) and the threats it currently faces. Their discussion lasted 44 minutes.

Jesse Sheidlower, a Slate contributor and editor-at-large of the Oxford English Dictionary, took the meta approach and gave a fascinating, lively talk on “Resilience and the Sustainability of Buzzwords.” He covered business speak, the surprisingly early origins of some words we think of as recent additions to the language, and more. His presentation is 22 minutes long.