Future Tense

Watch “Project KARA,’ an Amazing New Short About a Robot With Feelings

The French video game company Quantic Dream has released a must-see demo in the form of a 7-minute video short—the latest in the tough-to-resist robots-with-feelings genre.

Called “Project KARA,” the demo shows a humanoid robot being “born.” She is created to serve people—as a housekeeper, as sexual plaything, and in other roles as needed. But something in the manufacturing process goes wrong—very wrong. Watch:

Disappointingly, this isn’t the opening to a new video game from Quantic Dream. It is purely to promote the company’s (admittedly impressive) new motion-picture technology. But perhaps the enthusiastic blogosphere response will prompt someone to option it for Hollywood instead.

Kara is played by actress Valorie Curry, an alumna of Veronica Mars who is appearing in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.