Future Tense

Poland’s Web-Only Court Experiment

Looking to dispute a payment claim? In Poland, you can do so on the Web.

On Technology Review, Christopher Mims examines the online-only court Poland launched about a year ago to deal exclusively with “cases concerning payment claims.” “

The virtual courtroom is a website, as well as an API, which leaves possibility for app development. And considering how popular the online court is, that may soon be a reality. A year in, it has dealt with about 2 million cases, according to the court’s website.

While the e-court does not eliminate physical courts and lawyers, it provides a virtual option. And once the user opts for the online version, he or she must carry out the entire procedure on the Web—electronic signature and all.

While the e-court can only deal with relatively simple lawsuits, it’s certainly a great step into the future. For most of us, anyway: Mims writes, “Lawyers who are already concerned about dwindling employment prospects, you may now run for the exits.”