Bad Astronomy

Time lapse video: ISS cometrise

Earlier, I posted an incredible picture of Comet Lovejoy taken by space station astronaut Dan Burbank. NASA just posted an amazing time lapse video made from those pictures!

Holy wow! What an astonishing sight that must be. And did you see the object moving right-to-left a few seconds in, just above the green airglow layer? I suspect that was a low-Earth satellite in a different orbit, moving in a different direction. The storms over a dark Australia below make this video that much more dreamlike.

But it’s real. A comet found by an amateur astronomer, observed the world around – and above – and then seen and photographed from space by a man floating in an internationally designed and built habitat in orbit.

That is, quite simply, very cool.

Tip o’ the lens cap to Asteroid Watch.