Nathan Myhrvold Wants You To Embrace Nuclear Power, and Other Videos From Future Tense’s Energy Conference

Between provocative panels and one-on-one conversations, yesterday’s Future Tense energy conference, “What Will Turn Us On in 2030?,” featured short videos in which proponents pitched their favored alternative energy technologies. Watch below, and let us know who you think lays out the best case.

Why Nuclear? Presented by Nathan Myhrvold, co-founder of Intellectual Ventures and chief technology officer of Microsoft, 1991-1999

Why Biofuels? Presented by Wim Vermaas, professor, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University

Why Solar? Presented by Gary Dirks, director of LightWorks, Arizona State University

But maybe the real energy future will be something else entirely. New America Foundation senior research fellow Parag Khanna explains why it’s so tricky to predict the future.

We’ve heard from the scientists. But what does the public want, and expect, from alternative energy? The Future Tense team took to the streets of Washington, D.C., to find out.

Read a recap of the event, and check out the entire eight-hour conference on New America’s website.