Bad Astronomy

xkcd on neutrinos

I have a hard time thinking that my readers need to be reminded to read the web comic xkcd, but just in case, Randall Munroe chimes in on the faster-than-light neutrino controversy. Go read the comic now, since I spoil it below…

In fact, I agree with his idea, and said as much on Google+ yesterday:

So yeah, I’m skeptical. The fact that you’re reading this on a computer shows we understand a lot of physics pretty well, so the best thing to do here is to calm down and see what comes out of this. But I’d bet against it.

… and I’d win that bet either way. If I’m right, I make money. If I’m wrong, warp speed! Woohoo!

Scientist Brian Cox has an interview online where he describes why this is important, too.

We should have more news about all this soon, since the scientists involved are giving a talk in Zurich, and I’ll write up a review once I understand what’s what.