Bad Astronomy

Percy, Percy, me

So I went to a Greek festival last weekend, and ate a ton of really good food. It was outside, with lots of tents set up with different cuisine, and one of them made me smile. I took the picture here, and tweeted this: “At a Greek festival, where they’re serving spicy grilled astrophysicist,” linking to the picture.

I got a good response, since my readers are geeks like me. One of them happened to be SMBC web comic artist Zach Weiner, who was inspired by my Hellenic humor. He then created the picture below, showing a famous astronomer whose first name is Percival, and whose last name you can probably figure out.

I don’t know how funny he was, but he helped discover Pluto, so there’s that.

And yes, I LOLed. Zach and I are both much dorks.

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