Bad Astronomy

24 hour SGU podcastathon tonight!

The goofballs at Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe decided it would be a good idea to have a marathon 24-hour video/audio podcast, live, with special guests surrounded by dynamic conversations and covered with a creamy coating of skeptical goodness.

Crazy, right? And guess who they roped into it for the hour starting at 11:00 Eastern (US) time? Yeah, me.

The whole thing starts at 8:00 Eastern time (midnight UTC) TONIGHT, and you can get the details on the SGU 24 page. They even have their own skype chat room (“theskepticsguide”) and Twitter hashtag: #sgu24. Kids these days.

Sorry. I meant, #kidsthesedays

Now, if only there were some sciencey things in the news for us to talk about…