Future Tense

Two Chatbots Walk Into a Room … [VIDEO]

What happens when two chatbots—the conversation programs that  beset Twitter—start talking? Usually, circular, nonsensical dialogues. This video, which shows the program Cleverbot talking to itself, is no exception. We have Cornell’s Creative Machines Lab to thank for this unexpectedly testy exchange, in which one bot claims to be a unicorn.

On an episode of Radiolab earlier this year, one poor fellow admitted that he became smitten with a woman he met online, only to learn that she was actually a chatbot. He had chalked her awkward syntax up to English-as-a-second-language idiosyncracies. Chatbots, then, are capable of inciting love. But the duo in the Cornell video certainly didn’t feel any cyber sparks.

Via Gizmodo.