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Down Under Milky Way time lapse

As something of a palate-cleanser – along the lines of Boing Boing’s famous unicorn chasers – here is a magnificent time lapse video of the sky over Australia: Ocean Sky by Alex Cherney:

Due to the tilt of the Earth and geometry of the Sun-Earth-galaxy alignment, the Milky Way only gets high in the sky if you’re south of the Equator, and can set parallel to the horizon as seen in these shots. When I was in Australia many years ago I didn’t get a good look at it, and one day I swear I’ll be there on a clear night with it near the zenith. Sigh.


My favorite part of this video is at 2:15, when the clouds clear and Orion booms into view… upside down, as far as my northern hemisphere bias sees it. That really freaked me out when I was down there. Of course, it’s always good to get your complacent view shaken sometimes.

Tip o’ the Mintie to Wired Science.

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