Bad Astronomy

Gorgeous Milky Way time lapse

Last night I was out and facing south, and happened to notice the familiar stars of Scorpius poking through the trees. To me that’s always a sign that summer is here… and the Milky Way is coming back. Randy Halverson (who created the magnificent Sub Zero and Orion time lapse videos) had the same idea, and made yet another incredible video of our galactic urban center from his home on the plains of South Dakota:

You have to make sure the video is set to HD, and make it full screen. It’s stunning. I especially like the shot with the windmill and the one looking up along the trunk of the dead tree. Very dramatic!


Scorpius shows itself several times; look for the bright orange of Antares and the three stars making the scorpion’s claw to the right of the Milky Way’s bulge. What other constellations do you recognize?

Tip o’ the lens cap to Dave Mosher.

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