Bad Astronomy

Lazy Sunday of DEATH

When I was at the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) in April, my epidermically bepated pal George Hrab and I performed an acoustic version of his song “Death from the Skies”, based on my book. We actually did it twice; once at a bar where Geo was playing with his trio, and again at the conference to close the whole thing out. People seemed to like it. Geo certainly did, so much so that he wanted a nicer version to release. He therefore did such a thing and made it available to you, the science-loving throng out in the vast BA sphere of influence. He included the song in Episode 212 of his Geologic Podcast, and MsInformation put it into a feed of its own for you to download and keep in your digital music storage device. I love both the original version of the song with its funky beat, but I also love this new version. The tongue-in-cheek lazy Sunday feeling of the soothing music coupled with me talking about the statistics of getting wiped out by a gamma-ray burst appeals to my sense of irony. Hope it does yours, too! And go buy his album. It’s great. Image credit: Terry Robinson’s Flickr Photostream