Bad Astronomy

CSICon 2011 coming to New Orleans at Halloween

Over the Halloween weekend this year, October 27–30, 2011, in New Orleans, the Center for Inquiry (CfI) is hosting a critical thinking meeting called CSICon. It’ll be at the New Orleans Marriott in the French Quarter.

I’ll be at this meeting, speaking on a panel with Seth Shostak and David Morrison called – get this – Death from the Skies. And yeah, it’ll be on just what you think it’ll be on.

The meeting should be pretty great, if only because it includes a parade and a costume party. But also, speaker list is pretty impressive. I’ll have to bring my A game.

Wanna go? Register here. And check out the Facebook page, too. This will be a lot of fun.

And don’t forget TAM 9 in Vegas in July, too!