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3rd Annual 3QuarksDaily science writing contest open

In 2009, the blog 3 Quarks Daily set up an award for the best science blog writing of the year. It’s become very popular quite quickly, and they have announced the third annual contest. They accept public nominations, and that means you! If you have a science blog post you’ve read in the past year that you’ve simply loved, you can nominate it by leaving a comment in the 3QD post linked above. They have rules listed there, so please read them carefully before submitting.

I’m a little late getting it here on the blog, so I apologize, but the deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at one minute before midnight Eastern (US) time! I’ll note that the judge this year is theoretical physicist Lisa Randall – she studies what you might call fairly esoteric subjects like warped extraspatial dimensions, cosmology, particle physics, and the like. I’ll be very interested to see what articles she picks.

I’ll also note that this very blog won third place in that first contest, and last year two Discover Magazine bloggers took home the top two prizes. We’re very pleased here at the Hive Overmind that 3QD thought so highly of our work. But there’s a lot of really great writing out there, so get submitting!

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