Bad Astronomy

Time lapse: Orion

Hey, let me know if you get tired of these amazing, hypnotic time lapse videos of the night sky.

No, wait: don’t tell me, because as long as they’re this cool I’ll keep posting ‘em anyway.

This is Randy Halverson’s video “Orion”, named for obvious reasons. Well, one reason isn’t so obvious: the camera mount that allows him to do the ultra-slow pan and tilt is called “Orion” as well.

My favorite parts are 30 seconds in, where the Moon and stars of Gemini are behind the mesa, and 2:09 in, when he has a little meta fun. Randy also did the video “Sub Zero” which I posted a little while back.

I love love love these videos. And I have yet another very lovely one to post soon, too. But I don’t want to spoil you with too many all at once.

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