Bad Astronomy

Happy birthday Hubble (for real this time)

Today is the 21st anniversary of Hubble’s launch into space – I wrote about this the other day, when a pretty picture of colliding galaxies was released, but got the date wrong. So today really is the anniversary! To celebrate, LIFE online put up a nice gallery of some of Hubble’s best images.

They have a lot of the usual choices (though they left off a few that surprise me, like the Deep Field images), but it’s still worth clicking through. Some day I’ll pick my favorite Hubble images and do the same thing, but geez, what a vast uphill climb that would be! Winnowing it down to, say, my top 50 would be hard enough! Of course, you can always check out my Ten Things You Don’t Know About Hubble to tide you over, too.

Tip o’ the lens cap to Fark.

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