Bad Astronomy

Angry Slippers Are Angry

It’s Caturday, and I have decided to expand my definition once again to include not just animals but also things that aren’t alive that look like things that are alive.

So I present to you angry slippers yelling at you:

What are they yelling about?

  • “C’mon, man, wash your feet first!”
  • “Keep us off the cold tile floor you jerk!”
  • “Store us next to those yakkity flip-flops again and we’ll make sure the cat leaves you a ‘present’ before you stick your feet in us next time!”
  • “We’re a pair of slippers, not a pareidolia of slippers!”
  • “Wear socks with us again and we swear we’re calling Stacey London!”

These slippers were a gift from my mother-in-law to The Little Astronomer, which just goes to show you the world’s a pretty funny place if you keep your eyes open and sense of humor primed.

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