Bad Astronomy

I’m guest hosting Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour on Thursday!

Hey, who has two thumbs and is hosting Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour on Thursday?

Well, usually the answer would be Kiki Sanford, the host. Assuming she has two thumbs. I’ve never really paid that close of attention, honestly. But Thursday the answer will be: me! Kiki hatched a youngling, and so she’s off on maternity leave. She asked a few people to sub for her, one of them being me.


Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour is a live streaming video science talk show, and my shot at stardom will be at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time (23:00 GMT) on Thursday (tomorrow) March 17.

I’ll also have a very special guest on the show! It’s a secret, but here’s a hint: his name is ZACH WEINER!

The show can be watched LIVE at TWIT TV. There’s also a chat room there, so you can log in and ask questions, or you can ask via Twitter, but to be honest it’ll be hard to check the tweets during the show itself.

If you want to see what the show is like, I was guest a while back and the video is embedded there.

This will be a lot of fun! Zach and I will talk about science, web comics, ascii art (ahem!), and other stuff.

Please stop on by and watch! I guarantee, you’ll regret it. I mean, won’t regret it. Yes. Won’t.