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Awkward Embraces

I love geeks, being one myself, and I love geeky humor. So as soon as I saw the first episode of Awkward Embraces, a (relatively adult) comedy web series about three women who are looking for love, I knew I was going to really like it. And how could I not, especially when one of them loses a guy in the middle of a date when she starts reciting chapter and verse from the TNG episode “Darmok”*?

Here’s that specific episode of the show, which should make this clearer (warning: probably SFW, but mildly adult situations, and featuring awkwardness most extreme):

You’ve really got give her credit for really going the whole 8.23 meters, getting through that entire description of Darmok. Wow.

Of course, my loving this show has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Jessica Mills, the creator, co-writer, and star, is totally adorable and I might have the eensiest bit of a nerdcrush on her.

Anyway, Awkward Embraces is an independent production, and so it’s run on a shoestring. They’re having a fund drive, so if you like the show, toss them some filthy lucre so they can finish Season 2. Please! I’m dying to know how it turns out. And for added awkwardness, you can follow Jessica and the show on Twitter, too.

* And if you don’t get that reference, well then, what can I say but: Shaka, when the walls fell.