Bad Astronomy

I’m a Head Rush

Discovery Channel network’s The Science Channel has done a cool thing: they’ve taken episodes of Mythbusters, stripped out the commercials, and replaced them with short segments about science hosted by Kari Byron. They then show these at the time of day right after kids get home from school, giving them a chance to see how much fun science can be.

These revamped shows are now called “Head Rush”, and one of the things they’ve added are interviews with scientists, science promoters, and science geeks of all stripes. So when they asked me to do an interview at Comic Con over the summer, how could I say no?

I couldn’t. And they put the video online, too:

You should check out the other videos, too; they have lots of fun people (like my pal Chris Hardwick and White House science advisor John Holdren) showing kids that science is awesome, and there are lots and lots of ways to get involved.

I’m really glad to see Discovery doing stuff like this. Getting kids excited about science is maybe the best way to ensure we raise the next generation of explorers. And even if they don’t go into a science field themselves, that’s OK. They’ll still get to enjoy the wonder and awe the real world can provide, and that’s pretty cool, too.