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More Bad Universe Episode 2 teasers!

Tomorrow night is the premiere of Episode 2 of Bad Universe! And just in time, Discovery Channel has put up a new teaser for it. This one is something I get asked about a lot, since it’s shown briefly in the opening credits: my ride on an F-16 with the Thunderbirds!

I cannot tell you enough how cool that was, and at some point I’ll have to blog about the whole story; prepping for it, the night before when I was soaking in my hotel’s hot tub trying not to be terrified, walking to the grocery store next door to grab some dinner and seeing planes flying overhead at hundreds of kph, drinking about three liters of water and nearly blowing my bladder out while we drove to Nellis Air Force Base.

Sigh. Fun times.

You can find more videos on the Discovery Channel’s main Bad Universe video list, and also just ones from Episode 2.

And don’t forget to leave a comment on my earlier post to get a chance to win swag from Episode 2! The contest end tomorrow (Wednesday October 6) at noon Mountain time.