Bad Astronomy

Lake snake

It’s Caturday! So here’s a snake in a lake.

I was biking to the store past a lake, and there it was. Pretty cool. What I like about this is that it kinda looks like it’s gliding through hazy air.

I also took this picture second as well. This is the same lake where I saw the Blue Heron fishing, for those of you with long Caturday memories. Perhaps someday I’ll see a heron eating a snake. Which, I admit, sounds like the beginning of a joke.

After I hopped back on my bike, a jogger ran past me, and as she did I told her about the snake and to take a look, and she didn’t even glance at me or break stride. Now that I think about it, random guy on bike telling jogger about a snake from point of view of said jogger = potentially unfortunate situation. I’ll try to think these things through before acting on them in the future.