Bad Astronomy

#31: Hive Overmind takes over

Corey Powell is the editor-in-chief of Discover Magazine, and is a very smart, funny, and handsome guy – and I’m not just saying that because he’s currently editing a print piece I’ve written for the magazine and I don’t want him to cut a single word of my fabulous prose.

But he is a pretty good writer (for an editor), and for the 30th anniversary of the magazine he’s written a piece called 30 Ways the World Could End. It’s pretty good, and has some fun ideas in it. And since I’m a lowly writer and he’s a lofty editor, I would never dream of mentioning that really his article is about how humanity might end and not the whole world. That would be foolish of me.

Still – and I oughta know – this is a fun topic to think about. And who knows? Maybe we’ll wind up saving the world by thinking about how things might eventually not go our way.