Bad Astronomy

Top orbiting chef

I imagine being a chef is a pretty high-pressure job. Creating new dishes on TV for a competition would be even harder.

So what would it be like to know that NASA is looking over your shoulder while you’re doing it?

Yikes. The folks who compete on Bravo’s Top Chef are about to find out:

FWIW I think this is a great idea. Doing stuff like this makes NASA more accessible and more fun, two things it desperately needs. The more it’s in the public eye for things like this, the more support it’ll get when it’s needed. And I don’t think this sort of thing makes it look like NASA is selling out, or debasing itself. There’s a new generation of people out there who will – haha – eat this stuff up, and I like seeing NASA embracing the idea.

This episode airs on Septmeber 1.