Bad Astronomy

A foxy Caturday

It’s Caturday! Which, regular readers know, I have expanded here at the BABlog to include all creatures great and small. So check out this cutie pie:

This is a young fox that lives across the street from my in-laws’ house. We were over there the other day, and I had to leave early (to come home to write, somewhat ironically). But my wife and daughter saw a fox running around the neighborhood, and saw it go into a neighbor’s yard. There were people standing around looking, so they joined them… and what they found were a pair of young kits poking around. They obviously had a lair there.

My brother-in-law took this picture, and several others. The foxes are apparently pretty tame, but I hope people still keep their distance. Also, my B-i-L has had to deal with finding mostly-eaten corpses of various prey in his yard, too. Nice. We’re starting to get pretty good at identifying bones…