Bad Astronomy

Monkey see, monkey review

It’s a little tardy– my first book came out in 2002, after all – but Barrel of Monkeys just reviewed Bad Astronomy.

The conclusion?

In fact, I move that Bad Astronomy be a recommended text book at secondary schools everywhere, or even primary schools, for that matter. Scratch that. Everyone in the world should read this book. Phil Plait manages to break things down to an easily understandable level, so that people without a background in physics or astronomy* can grasp the core concepts.

I agree. In fact, I’d be happy to reduce my royalty to a mere one penny per book if that would make what he wishes come true. I suspect $60M would be a sufficient and acceptable paycheck. You can start now if you’d like, and if it does sell six billion copies, I’ll send you a refund for the difference*.

*Disclaimer: No I won’t.