Bad Astronomy

Dilbert gets it right

This sounds about right.

I like the cartoon, though I’m not a huge fan of Scott Adams himself; his creationist/Intelligent Design leanings make that difficult. Some people say he’s a gadfly, just trying to get people to think. But I’ve never found his arguments persuasive, and they’re generally just repetitions of some of the more basic (and easily debunked) ID claims. PZ Myers has dealt with him any number of times, and a web search will yield all sorts of interesting results.

Life is full of such conflicts; Jenny McCarthy is actually very funny when she’s not trying to infect the world with measles, Oprah does a lot of actual good work in contrast to her support of McCarthy, and Fred Phelps… no, my mistake. Phelps is just 100% awful.

Tip o’ the tie tip to my brother, Sid.