Bad Astronomy

30 seconds of a teen astronomer

NOVA Science Now has a nifty feature they’re doing online where they spotlight “The Secret Life of Scientists”. I have some reservations about it, because one thing scientists aren’t, is secretive. We talk about what we do constantly.

Anyway, they have a series of short videos about teen astronomer Caroline Moore, who recently discovered a rare type of supernova. She found this supernova, by the way, when she was 14.

They also asked her 10 questions, and while I might disagree with her choice of a news source, I think it’s great that they let her be her, and she shines right through in these videos. It’s also really terrific that she doesn’t compromise in these interviews, belting out whatever is on her mind. She’s a fantastic role model for kids interested in science, showing them that science really is cool, and you can do it and still be you.